From the very beginning, AL.EA. has been a crucial support in the definition of the project already from the first phases. Indeed our office, thanks to state-of-the-art IT tools, is able to engineer you project and to provide:

  • design and project development on customer’s drawing;
  • product update and innovation aid;
  • Mechanical design in the following phases:
    – Acquisition of requests
    – Definition of the project
    – Ideation
    – Planning
    – Development of drawings
  • Reverse engineering, which allows to obtain construction drawings and dimensional checks starting from an existing object, by means of non-contact 3D optical digitization techniques.
  • Structural calculation, FEM. It is a range of component verification and optimization services, in order to maximize performance and ensure correct design.
  • Technical-regulatory support, in the design phase, with regard to current regulations; product certifications, laboratory analysis, destructive and non-destructive measurements and controls.
  • Additional services:
    – Transposition of drawings in digital format
    – Transposition of drawings from one software to another
    – 3D prototype printing
    – Technological Scouting
    – Support for patents and trademarks
    – Mechanical tests
    – Phonometric measurements
    – Thermal analysis
servizio progettazione
servizio progettazione

Rapid prototyping

Trying to keep up with the market competitiveness, it has become evident the necessity of making the product development process increasingly dynamic in all its steps. In this framework, rapid prototyping plays a key role, aimed at reducing time to market and facilitating the creation of test models, before proceeding with the real production. Thanks to partnerships with Italian firms of the sector, we provide a quick prototyping service using different technologies and materials. The prototypes are produced in nylon, aluminum and steel.

Prototipazione rapida

Verification of the correct realization of the drawing

The creation of a full-scale model can follow different paths







Quality control

At AL.EA. we are absolutely conscious of the importance of being able to guarantee the quality level required by the customer: for this reason we keep investing into a systematic Quality Control to assure accurate and reliable quality controls throughout the production cycle.
The tests are conducted on a regular basis by both our qualified personnel on-site – who are commetted to upholding and developing check reports, drafted during each step of the production – and qualified laboratories, able to release the tests and the physical-chemical analysis, grant the achievement of quality and safety targets.
In addition, it is possible to obtain all the certificates required by the current regulations.

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Case history


The customer intends to renew the design of a heater for diesel engines, which is currently being supplied by AL.EA. through shell casting technology. The new heater must be made of die-cast aluminum.

Diesel motor

AL.EA. technical office has firstly evaluated the need of adapting the dimensions and especially the thicknesses for the transition from one technology to another, a very important step for the subsequent realization of the mathematical model.


The customer needs to create a new joystick model to add to those already in production.
At AL.EA. the general idea is illustrated with hand-drawn drafts and 3D drawings that cannot be used for production purposes.
The technical office of AL.EA. then works on the project and identifies all the aspects necessary to create the definitive mathematical model suitable for a first prototyping. Furthermore, given the importance of this aspect in the production of the specific article, its ergonomics is carefully studied.


The customer provides AL.EA. with a full prototype made with machine tools and some 3D drafts, that do not correspond to the prototype, of the handle to be made.
The study conducted by our technical office allows the definition of the definitive mathematical model suitable for the industrialization of the product.


From design to the production

The 3D drawing

Collaborating step by step with the customer, the 3D design is created using programs such as Solid Works.

The prototype

The 3D design is suitable for the realization of the prototype, useful to see the product first-hand before producing the actual equipment. The prototype, side by side with the other components, allows to verify the correct realization of the design, in order to avoid more consistent costs linked to subsequent modifications on the mold.


Verifica della corretta realizzazione del disegno.

The sampling

The realization of the prototype allows the identification of any assembly problems and therefore the review the drawing on the basis of the new indications. Once approved by the customer, the drawing is sent to the manufacturer for the construction of the mold. Within about 45 days it is possible to obtain a sample, on which to perform the necessary performance tests.


After the customer’s approval it’s time to start the the actual production with the aid of our trusted partners. Before shipment to the customer, each piece is tested by our qualified technicians, to test the quality. The components are packaged according to the pre-established criteria and shipped, by sea or by air, to the customer’s premises.

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