In order to turn thought into action you need to satisfy several steps. AL.EA, thanks to its well established and recognised expertise in production and industrialisation, is able to provide full bespoke services. In the light of creating an exclusive program for the customer, AL.EA examines directly with you the feasibility of your project, technologically developing it and by analyzing economical investment optimization to obtain production costs that are competitive with the European market and by guaranteeing you the concrete and immediate money save.

The company has also obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification from the prestigious Bureau Veritas institution, testimony to the continuous commitment to improve the quality of the process and the service provided. The entire team has always been involved in the corporate value system, which aims to satisfy customer needs by establishing long lasting partnerships thanks to the excellence of the service provided and the creation of added value in all operations.

From the client's projects

Project development and management


ALEA is your partner in the value chain of your project

Your idea, your product, yours the standards that AL.EA can guarantee you by manufacturing your product in China with “turn-key” delivery directly to your headquarters, according to Italian regulations and invoicing methods, without you wasting time in complex research operations for supplier or transportation, nor taking care of hiring native-speaker personnel, nor opening abroad branches nor the many customs fulfillments provided by international legislations.
With AL.EA. you will only reap the maximum benefits of outsourced production.


Technical support "at hand"

The mission has always been taking maximum care of the customer’s project, realised through the offer of an advanced service, dedicated to the designing and the industrialisation of mechanical components. AL.EA follows your project from its first development phase up to its industrialization/production:

  • design and project study on the base of the drawings given by the client;
  • realization of 2D and 3D drawings even from samples;
  • support for realization of prototypes;
  • optimization of production processes;
  • quality check/control;
  • Certifications and materials analysis.
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Our professional native speakers


We are an equipe of professional native speakers at the side of your business

Chinese, English, Spanish, French and Italian: any commercial need you may have, with AL.EA you will find professional native speakers capable of supporting you full-time and to manage every aspect of the production of your product.
 We are not translators, but a team of native-speakers capable of dealing with the required skills even the most complex business situations.

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